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What We Do

We empower our patients with the means to independently manage their health. We offer pharmacy services, medications, and supplies that health plans and practitioners can trust for quality and cost solutions. We offer answers to providers, health plans and their patients.

Our Technology

Having the latest state of the art technology is important so we can provide you the most efficient processes and tools to help you take care of your residents. We understand these new technologies have to be safe and carefully screened. We invest in both of these areas to ensure you are getting the best systems from order entry to fulfillment. Every prescription is securely screened by our clinical pharmacists. Our goal is to always provide you with the best and safest possible technology and the best experience.

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Synergy Medical | Medica Pharmacy


Our Core Services


As experienced professionals with a wide range of skills, Rx Innovations Consultant Pharmacists are valued members of a facility’s interdisciplinary team, helping them to achieve optimal outcomes for their residents, homes, Day habs and other facilities Our clinical consulting services are geared toward enhancing resident care as well as helping your facility stay in compliance with the ever-changing regulations.

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Process Improvement

Allow Rx Innovations to eliminate the hassle of maintaining and filing your residents’ medical records. Imagine…no more peeling, sticking, faxing or searching through thousands of physical records. No more illegible notes, omissions or outdated information. Just instant, accurate information — when you need it, where you need it.

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Prescription Dispensing

Managing medications for Mental and Behavioral Health patients occupies a significant part of every day. Rx Innovations expertise in institutional pharmacy allows us to guide facilities in increasing efficiency in their daily operations. Our comprehensive suite of pharmacy offerings helps facilities deliver a higher quality of pharmaceutical care through utilization of our products and services.

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Our Other Services

  • A friendly registered pharmacist
  • Compliance on home regulations & licensing
  • Individual chart review
  • Medication Administration Records (MAR)
  • Daily M-F delivery
  • Cycle Fills
  • Custom packaging, unit/multidose : dramatically reduce medication errors & increase patient compliance
  • Patient care advocate
  • Drug regimen review
  • Quarterly facility reviews

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